Sunday, April 25, 2010

michaelTHOMAS Menswear is a House of Style

Menswear designer Michael Warren feels the weight of a house on his shoulders. The 26- year-old designer hails from a family of trendsetters, following their lead to create a smart collection of the ultimate men’s accessory: the bowtie.

The DC native affectionately labeled his line, michaelTHOMAS, after his cousin, Thomas. “michaelTHOMAS is the direct extension of not just my personal style but character,” Warren says. “The bowtie and necktie are traditional items, but my evolved style allows them to speak a new language to the new modern gentleman around town.”

Warren uses fabrics ranging in natural and synthetic fibers from denim to colored linen, sourced from Los Angeles, New York and DC, cut to the tie’s iconic angular shape. The collection, produced in New York, features prints and bold colors to suit every man’s point of view.

Of course, the question begs, can a young professional male sport a bowtie without appearing grandfatherly?

He only has to follow Warren’s lead. Warren modernizes the style by pairing his ties with a vest, sweater, button-downs tucked squarely into fitted jeans and sneakers.

“My target audience is the young modern man of the great metropolitan cities. These gentlemen range from the age 19 to 33 years of age. These gentlemen are the pace-setters amongst their friends, the staple of style in their office, and the gentleman that turns the eyes when he walks in any room.

“The gentlemen of this age segment are gaining much momentum in their career and don’t intend to stop. From fashion to government to entertainment. These men within the next 10 years will be the major influencers of their fields and michaelTHOMAS is that brand that will grow with them. Everyman my not be for michaelTHOMAS, but I there is piece of the brand in every man outside of the target audience, I just seek them out,” Warren explains. Point taken.

When Warren is not designing, he is working as a visual curator and independent wardrobe consultant in Los Angeles. Warren recently showcased his collection at DC’s vintage treasure trove, Treasury.