Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tips for Winter Dressing

When asked recently about winter dressing for an article, I automatically advised to consider environment and lifestyle.  If you live in D.C., winter can feel like Spring two days before a storm or after.  For those mild winters, merino wool absorbs without feeling like you are living in a sweat lodge.  Also, think layers - thin knits under a light-weight sweater and overcoat will keep the chill at bay and delayer as needed.  If you find yourself in northern exposures, opt for alpaca and worsted wool and keep those extremities covered - hats, gloves, and scarves.  How can you still look fashionable under all those layers?  Opt for jewel-tone colors for outwear and accessories to life the spirits on a cold wintry day.

What else should you consider?  Read more -

Stay warm!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Signature Look Styles for J. Hilburn Menswear

As many of you may know, My Signature Look has been on hiatus to accommodate my new role: motherhood!  My new little man (7 months!) has inspired me in more ways than one and professionally-speaking, he has drawn my attention to menswear with gusto (I'm shaping his style sensibilities already!).  We are reigniting our styling services by partnering with J.Hilburn luxury menswear as an independent style consultant.

J.Hilburn is revolutionizing the way men shop. We offer personal styling services to the client directly - advising him on what to buy, taking measurements for customized products, and placing the orders.  Our customer service includes personal delivery on orders, especially the first to ensure he approves of fit and style!

Our garments are made with fabrics from the most well respected mills in Italy and Portugal, and are crafted using the same standards demanded by top designers. J.Hilburn clothes will fit you better than anything you can find in a store because they're created just for you!

We offer custom shirts, personalized suits and sportcoats, made-to-measure trousers, and formal wear, as well as a complete collection of ready-to-wear clothing such as sweaters, polo shirts, t-shirts, outerwear, AG Jeans, and accessories. 
If your husband, boyfriend, brother, father, or coworkers could benefit from this premium service, send them my way!  

Sunday, November 18, 2012

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