Monday, April 20, 2009

E-Commerce In Time for Earth Day

Earth Day in Washington is like a mini-Woodstock revival. The concerts and information tents on the Mall attract a garden variety of locals and tourists fashioning colorful statement wear. Regardless of the era, everyone wants to make Mother Nature happy. And the fashion industry is no exception.

A year ago, My Signature Look introduced you to its favorite eco-fashion designers. And while we don’t believe wearing eco-fashion is a once-a-year event, we wanted to continue the “green” tradition by spotlighting a few e-commerce sites that unearths independent eco-labels taking root in the industry.

One site of special note is The darling of the discounted designer sites has just launched YOOXYGEN, a new site featuring ethically conscious products. Its top sellers include jewelry designer Ilaria Venturini Fendi’s accessories and jewelry line made from recycled materials; Katharine Hamnett's organic cotton slogan tees, Caboclo jewelry, made from natural objects found on the Brazilian Amazon rainforest floors, and Leny, the eco-friendly brand whose profits support Al Gore's Climate Project.

The company has also partnered with AzzeroCO2 to offset 100% of its shipping carbon footprint by the use of clean energy and reforestation. Now, that is corporate social responsibility!

Here are a few other favorite gateways to eco-fashion pioneers and emerging talent:

Embodies – e-commerce and boutique, located in Larksuper, CA
Fashion Ethic
Green Edge Kids – organic children’s clothes
Juno and Jove – e-commerce and boutique, located in Sarasota, FL
Loomstate for Target – 100% organic tees, dresses, and pants
Olsenhaus – vegan shoes
Shop Envi

If you have a favorite eco-fashion e-commerce site or brick-and-mortar store, please do let us know! We will post a comprehensive list (well, it may be a never-ending list!) and future articles on eco-fashion designers, books, and other products that promote a “green” lifestyle.