Saturday, August 2, 2008

Take on the Heat with Hot Pants (and I don't mean short shorts)

Washingtonians have reason to suffer. Not only are they conformists to the navy suit and tie, but they are nonexempt from such attire even in the hottest of all months, August.

Well, take your cues from the lighter side of fabrics and opt for natural fabrics like soy, hemp, and bamboo. And yes, you can find stylish clothes made from these "green" fabrics.

For the busy woman, try the wide leg sailor pant which can be worn in the work place and happy hour after work. For day, pair it with a loose fitting blouse - retro style adds character, and close-toed heels (avoid slingback as the back of the pant will most likely get caught in between the heel and the shoe). For evening, pair with a boat-neck fitted tee and dangly earrings and bangles.

For a casual afternoon, straight khakis is the perfect alternative for both men and women. For her, pair with Benetton vertical striped button-down in hot pink or purple and wedges. And for him, a polo shirt tucked in with bright colored belt and canvas shoes.

For the young hipster, the cropped skinny pant is the answer. The pant can take you in any direction your mood dictates: (1) rebellious when paired with converse hightops, metallic belt, tee with graphic, (2) preppy when paired with fitted waist-length pinstriped jacket and polo shirt with collar up and Toms canvas shoes, or (2) sweet when paired with low pointy heels, soft bamboo or jersey hip-length tank.

And don't stray too far from the pool!