Sunday, November 15, 2009

What to Pack for Your Thanksgiving Holiday

Next week, we will break bread (and a turkey leg or two) with family and friends on a day observed to give thanks. Some will travel across town while others several states or even a country to mark the Thanksgiving holiday. Perhaps, the festive weekend will include a museum or art gallery walk, a night at the movies, or a mean game of Trivial pursuit.

Not sure what to pack for multiple activities surrounding the holiday?

Take your cues from the racks at Treat, Old Town Alexandria’s resident outlet boutique. Owner Jennifer Donahue has stocked her store with cozy knits, cashmere dresses, jeans and a variety of shoe options perfect for the fall season. What will she be wearing this Thanksgiving holiday?

“The holiday is always about comfort, relaxation and eating good food,” Donahue replies. “So, it means wearing a sweater dress, tights and tall boots. Clothes easy to throw on and expandable for all the eating!”

Whether you are traveling or having a stay-cation, here are a few simple rules and clothing suggestions to consider.

1. Comfort is the key. If traveling, take garments with fabrics that stretch like cotton knits or blends (nylon/lycra/spandex). These items pack better and come out wrinkle-free.

2. Colors should be basic with one or two warm hues for interest. Mix and match grays, browns, and off-whites with burgundy, forest green or midnight blue.

Her Essentials:

1. One carry-on tote
2. One pair of sexy undergarments and pajamas
3. Two pairs of pants – one jean and one trouser
4. Two wrinkle-free blouses/tops
5. One cardigan – Light- to mid-weight knit cardigans in basic black, white or beige can be tossed around the shoulders, layered over a T-shirt or dress, or worn alone with dressy pants for dinner.
6. Two dresses – one casual and one dressy
7. Two pairs of shoes – one casual and one dressy
8. Statement necklace – opt for costume jewelry and leave the real gems safely at home
9. Trench coat or wool-blend jacket like a peacoat
10. Something scented - bring a favorite scented candle or sash

Treat Client Appreciation Sale Nov. 20 – 22. Pick from the “Turkey Platter” and your wrapped chocolate turkey holds the discount amount you’ll receive at the register.

And don’t forget Black Friday sales (Nov. 27th)!

(Photos: items from Treat)

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