Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Earthy Delights

Next to the winter holidays, Earth Day is my holy day of obligation. I prepare for the big day, actually, every day from sunrise to sunset. My green lifestyle includes eating organic, using eco-friendly cleaners, lathering up in all-natural beauty products, taking public transportation when not on foot, and dressing responsibly. The operative word here is strive to lead a green lifestyle and thanks to an increasing number of sustainable products on the shelves, being green is easy. I don't have to tell you the benefits: healthier you, a healthier community, and most importantly, a healthier planet.

Here are a few of my Earthy delights:

Waking up is a three-step process: 1. Reviving sleepy skin with Herban Lifestyle, 2. Drinking my first cup of hot green tea for the day, and 3. Lacing up the running shoes for a long run along Rock Creek Parkway or hopping on the yoga mat.

I admit, I am a sun worshiper; but now I shield myself in Burts Bees Sunscreen.

Slipping into a pair of Neuaura vegan flats offer comfort and support. The memory foam insole keeps me going all day.

A.D.O. Clothing creates amazing separates for the office and weekends. Made in the USA and all organic. Perusing Juno & Jove always results in a "must-have" panic, so I just add to the growing list until the want turns into a need.

On my daily paperless reading list: Ecouterre, EcoStiletto, Eco Fashion World, and Conscious Living TV.

What are your Earthy delights? Don't hold back! I would love to know your green secrets!

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