Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guy Alert: Oliberte shoes offer comfort and style

Guys, wish you could pull off your "Casual Friday" look every day of the week? The gest is in the shoes. Update the khakis and polo ensemble or add interest to your pinstripe suit with a pair of Oliberte shoes. The handcrafted, leather shoes offer comfort, functionality, but also a beautiful statement. The Canadian-based company operates in socially-responsible factories in Africa in an effort to promote economic development. Their "eco-consciousness" goes so far as to ensure the cows consumed are grass-fed, guaranteeing a higher quality leather. All the factories adhere to a strict code of conduct and protect their worker's rights. So while you like to keep the outfits simple, let the shoes do the talking.

Oliberte is sold at CARBON (2643 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC).

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