Sunday, August 1, 2010

Create your Mad Men look at Uesa Goods Vintage

Last Sunday marked the fourth season of AMC’s Mad Men and in true fashion, the drama delivered a thoughtful depiction of fashion history’s most colorful decade: the 60s. In forthcoming episodes, will costume designer Janie Bryant put Betty in a geometric print shift dress and Peggy in a mini skirt? Perhaps, Don will embrace the color orange? Oh, those rebels!

For the vintage aficionados and Mad Men fans, leave the drama in the boardroom and create your own retro glam with the era’s finest at Uesa Goods Vintage, the DC-based online vintage store.

Owner and vintage-connoisseur Uesa Robinson scours estate sales to offer her clients a treasure trove of decades past rare apparel, footwear, and accessories. Pick your Mad Men beauty and Uesa has an accommodating ensemble. For those dark and stormy summer nights, don’t leave the house without a tailored trench, perfected by Bill Blass. Going to an after-hours office party? Throw on a Pucci mini-dress and bold-colored low wedges. Accessorize with large beaded necklaces and bracelets.

As much as we love the show, remember, it is 2010. Consider adding a modern twist to your outfit with a metallic belt, skinny jeans, or gladiator sandals such as the “Cassandra” by Modern Vintage (sold online at Simply Soles). Alternatively, ladies, retro-fy your Theory suit with a psychedelic-print blouse and gents, wear a wide tie in a bold color and add The Kinks and The Who on your iPod for good measure.

So, what will Joan wear in tonight’s episode? I predict a shorter hemline.

Photos courtesy of Uesa Robinson