Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For an education in vintage, shop Treasury

For an education in vintage, one only has to turn to Treasury. The Logan Circle boutique covers the spectrum of fashion’s most celebrated to lesser-known designers thanks to owners Katerina Herodotou and Cathy Chung’s keen eye. The fashion historians carry clothing, shoes and accessories as early as the turn of the century to the 80s, all sourced from private collections and estate sales.

Herodotou and Chung’s vintage repertoire culminated in 2007 with Listopad, the name of their traveling collection sold at venues across the district akin to trunk shows. The duo opened their brick and mortar on 14th Street NW in July 2009.

So, what is considered vintage? For starters, its age: a garment/accessory 20 years or older. Secondly, it’s status as a one-of-a-kind. But it is more than a time period, Herodotou cautions, “it is a feel.” Herodotou describes her own style in terms of an era’s best fashionable moments: 70s earthy elements, the 50s tailored suiting, and the 30s classics.

Thirdly, vintage is inherently a sustainable product, a virtue Herodotou supports. “Eco-fabrics are wonderful, but they still use new resources and create waste,” explains Herodotou. “Vintage doesn’t require new resources, it is already made and often lasts longer.”

Herodotou, 25, and Chung, 32, demonstrated their environmental stewardship by remodeling the second floor space with salvaged materials from Community Forklift, a Hyattsville-based thrift store for building materials. Treasury’s charm rests in the rustic décor and wooden-framed encased jewelry displays complimenting the exposed brick walls and soft lighting.

Treasury not only excels in reversing time but also enlightens its clients on how to wear vintage in the present and future. Now that’s a sustainable model.

Upcoming store event: “Music For Lovers” – the unveiling of Lithics by Treasury, an exclusive custom line of metal rings produced by Treasury from vintage casts. Local DJs Kim and Sara (Kicks!, Black Cat) will set the tempo for the party. Saturday, January 30, 2010 from 1 – 4 p.m.


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