Thursday, May 7, 2009

Beautifying Mother Earth Goes More than Skin Deep

Last month we paused to reflect on our personal and global impact on Mother Earth. Truth be told, gathering for a concert to listen to eco-minded musicians and politicians doesn’t plant a tree or train a skilled laborer to wire a “smart” home. Recognition months or one-day observances mark a-ha moments and then quickly fade from our radar save practitioners (= individuals, organizations, governments, and private entities) who are committed to cultivating a more sustainable world.

Aveda is one such practitioner.

For years I have treated myself to spa services at the Aveda Institute. Their budget-friendly rates (practitioners are students in training) is merely a bonus in comparison to the rich variety of certified organic ingredients used in everything from make-up to hair treatments to body lotions. You genuinely feel the company’s philosophy “that authentic beauty is one that works in harmony with the greater web of life.”

Aveda’s social responsible-laden agenda includes monthly environmental and human rights campaigns that have raised millions of dollars for organizations and incited public action. Local and global clean water is at the heart their Earth Month campaign, an issue that is severely unreported in mainstream media despite its threat against the environment and the poor.

Just how threatening is clean water’s scarcity? According to UNICEF, 2.5 billion citizens lack sanitation facilities and 884 million use unsafe water sources. Meanwhile, pesticides and pollution strip our streams of its natural properties, harming the fragile ecosystem.

Since 2007, Aveda has brought clean water to our attention through special events and educational resources. In April, there was the Aveda Walk for Water and throughout May, proceeds of the Light the Way™ Candle, made with certified organic French lavender, go to support Global Greengrants Fund's (GGF) water-related projects.

I recently purchased the candle and a body cleanser made with certified lavender as a birthday gift for a friend. This small act reached beyond one individual – it supported a company that aims to do good by supporting others, which includes the greatest “other” – our planet.

For more information on water issues, visit Clean Water Fund, Water Advocates and The Natural Resources Defense Council.

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