Monday, May 5, 2008

CROW Opens for (Online) Business

As some of you know, I've been working with CROW Clothing, a new kind of clothing company that creates eco-friendly fashion and offers its customers incredible resources on social justice and health and fitness. My role has been as an Advisory Bird, offering my expert advice to it's fearless CEO damali ayo. You can find my picture and bio on our "team" page. We began this exciting and daring new venture in November of last year and it's been a really inspiring few months leading to our grand opening, today.

Please join us in our debut by visiting <>.
Here are a few things that make CROW a unique "evolutionary" company that I am proud to be a part of (you can find this and more on our 'about' page):
* We make our clothes with eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics that are made in harmony with the environment. We use a diversity of fibers, which is key to avoiding the "replace and drain" phenomenon that plagues many "green" practices.
* Our sliding-scale pricing means that a wide variety of people can afford to wear. We may be the first retail clothing company to attempt this fresh approach to sales.
* We donate 1% of all sales to Now Art Grants, a program started by damali ayo that funds artists creating work that engages social change.
* Visit our learn page and our links section for resources and inspiration. Find everything from 10 ways to combat racism to 163 things you can compost.
* Physical well-being is part of building a strong community. You can find resources on health, fitness, and nutrition on our site.
* Our designers, advisors, models, and partners work as a team. We all contribute to the resources on the site and share our expertise on our blog. When you step out on a limb to interrupt racism, help the environment, or create a healthy life for yourself you can feel the support of the Crow Clothing team through the soft fibers of our clothing. (Check out my blog "Change Begins with CROW")
* We believe in "co-opetition" - adding the spirit of cooperation to a competitive marketplace. On our Web site you'll find links aplenty including to other designers and products that we love.
*...AND the clothes are hot.
What else is there to say? It's time to get your CROW on! Visit

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