Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fashion Embraces Mother Earth

On April 22, we rolled up our sleeves to give Mother Earth a much-needed facelift. We picked up trash along rivers, at parks, and in our neighborhoods, planted trees, or participated in recycling drives. Our efforts may have revealed a beauty once suffocated by layers of debris; however, the day has come and passed and the layers have re-surfaced.

The protection of our Earth is everyone’s responsibility and collectively, we can reverse, if I may use a cliché, the signs of aging. We don’t have to look farther than our closets to create change. Thankfully, the fashion industry is taking strides to develop and promote “eco-friendly” apparel and beauty products.

Join me in supporting the following designers who have demonstrated a concerted effort to use sustainable materials and fair working conditions.

Eco-Friendly Fashion Designers and Retailers


All Undesigned by Carol Young – www.undesigned.com
Carol Young designs womenswear made from recycled-clothing and activewear materials.

Ciel - www.ciel.ltd.uk/
Sarah Ratty, the designer behind Conscious Earthwear, brings Ciel – a collection of women’s wear made with organic cotton.

Del Forte Denim – www.delforte.com
Tierra Del Forte lives up to her name (Tierra in Spanish means Earth) by designing 100% organic denim jeans. This salt of the earth designer contributes to The Sustainable Cotton Project (www.sustainablecotton.org), which promotes sustainable and organic cotton. A portion of Del Forte Denim’s proceeds will go to support The SCP.

Alessandro DeVito – http://inhabitat.com/2007/01/07/sans-future-forward-fashion/
Couture designers Alessandro DeVito and Lika Volkova are the creators of SANS, an eco-conscious collection of sustainable materials such as wool, tussah silk, bamboo and soy used to produce fashion-forward garments.

Edun – www.edun.ie
Ali Hewson, her husband Bono, and menswear designer Rogan Gregory joined forces two years ago to create Edun, a socially-conscious clothing line that promotes sustainable employment for developing areas in the world.

Loomstate – www.loomstate.org
You’ll find 100% organic cotton tees with environmental motifs that are too cool to pass up.

Stewart + Brown – www.stewartbrown.com
This husband and wife designer duo live up to their title as “Organic Pioneers” by supporting “1% for the Planet,” an alliance of small businesses that pay a voluntary earth tax and donate 1% of all sales to non-profit, non-governmental environmental organizations.

Online Retailers

Azalea Online – www.azalea.com
Shop eco-Azalea for all the latest trends made of sustainable materials.

Equal Clothing - www.equaclothing.com
Eco-friendly Web site that offers stylish eco-fashion labels, including Hug jeans, People Tree and Ciel.

The Green Loop - www.thegreenloop.com
When you shop from The Green Loop you are supporting its mission: “Green Life. Green Style.”

People Tree - www.peopletree.co.uk
Since 1997, People Tree has promoted fair trade and organic materials in the production of apparel.

Traid - www.traid.org.uk
This company recycles 2,000 tons of clothes each year. Check out their summer dresses and jackets.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Burt’s Bees – www.burtsbees.com

Green with Glamour - www.greenwithglamour.com

Inara – www.inaraorganic.com

John Masters Organic – www.johnmasters.com

Kiehl’s – www.kiehls.com

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